We have been undertaking the complete cleaning (interior & exterior) of the aircrafts since 2006 utilizing A&P Mechanics – Required by FAA (The Federal Aviation Administration). While engaging in aircraft cleaning we strictly adhere to our SOPs, thereby ensuring no damage to the aircraft during the process. Every cleaning procedure has well defined steps and the chemicals used during the process are as per the Airlines specifics. We take pride in having one of the best team for aircraft cleaning. The team is trained to meticulously execute the entire process within the given timeline and without compromising on the safety of the aircraft and the team members. Each and every step of cleaning involves good planning, organizing, effective implementation and standardizing to provide impeccable service. Our Aircraft interior & exterior cleaning process involves cleaning of the body of the aircraft, Wings & flaps, Engine & Tail (APU) side, under carriage and Empennage.

Employee safety has always been our primary concern.  Therefore we have established a wide-ranging safety training program which is given to each employee during their orientation where key safety considerations are   taught, tested until each of our employee is accurately informed on safety procedures.